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There are many ways to search our site.

One way is to use the SEARCH ALL PRODUCTS BOX in the in the upper middle of our page (right under the CONTACT US tab).  Simply type one or two keywords or an item number into the box and press GOYou can, also, have the search results filtered within a certain price range by using the price range boxes in addition to the key words you type in the SEARCH ALL PRODUCTS BOX.

Another way is to click on the PRODUCT SEARCH tab (between the DEALS and MORE tabs.)  
From there you will have the option to select from:

  • Our most frequent product searches (called TOP SEARCHES)
  • Our most popular product categories (called TOP CATEGORIES)
  • A variety of collections that we have put together around specific themes or uses (called PRODUCT COLLECTIONS)
Each of these will open further to give you more options to help you narrow your search.  Don't worry, we've fixed it so our most trusted suppliers offerings come up at the top of your search so you will be getting the highest quality from the most dependable sources. 

Finally, knowing it can be overwhelming (since there are over 700,000 products in our database)... you can simply contact GLESSNER PROMO and share the details of your project with us. We will do the search for you and send you some suggestions that meet your budget, needs and time-line.  Oh yes, we respond quickly. 


The pricing in our database represents catalog pricing, not necessarily GLESSNER PROMO pricing.  That's why you should ask us for a specific quote for the item(s) and quantities you are interested in.  This can be done by emailing us, calling us, pressing the MORE INFORMATION button by each item and filling out the requested information. 


If you know what you want and are ready to place an order, you can use our shopping cart.  It works just like others except it will not take payment when you check out.  It will simply send your order to us.  We will follow-up with a quote on the items you selected, providing you with our most current value pricing.    Once you have approved the quote and are ready to move forward... we will work with you to place the order. 

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